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Eight Kinds Of Lines; Use Them All For Image Impact:
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People appreciate the strength and beauty of the arch. The elegant lines are an artistic contribution to a building as evidenced by the coliseum in Rome (#7), and the same look can be seen in this attractive courtyard in a bed and breakfast establishment in Mexico (#8). A uniquely styled arch that I used to frame two models in India focus attention on them (#9). One of my favorite places to shoot in nature is Arches National Park because of the beautiful lines that these remarkable sculptures in stone possess. A classic example (#10) shows an arch within an arch.





Seeing Lines
Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines are bold elements in a composition, and it’s always worth composing pictures where they make dramatic contributions. The ceiling in the pyramid at the Louvre in Paris is an example (#11). The picture is all about lines. The same is true in the black and white rendition of White Sands National Monument in New Mexico (#12). Notice the diagonal lines of the dunes. They define this picture and make it a strong image, as does the stark contrast between the black sky and the white gypsum dunes.



Diagonal lines are also incredibly powerful. This picture (#13) has symmetry, good color, and a balanced composition, but the reason why it is so appealing is because of the radiating diagonal lines of the palm frond.


Modern architecture affords many opportunities for striking pictures simply because of the lines that the architects use to create a unique style. The Walt Disney Theater in Los Angeles is a great example (#14). This building can be photographed from every angle imaginable, and the graphic lines are always magnificent.


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